4 Things Included in the Preschool Lesson Plan

Early childhood education is important for building social and emotional skills, but also for cognitive development. Coming up with daily lesson plans for preschool-aged children can be difficult. You want the curriculum to be a learning experience, but also engaging. Funnydaffer provides complete, fully customizable curriculum solutions for your classroom. This is a program that … Continued

4 Benefits Of Early Childhood Curriculum

Make the most of your class time with Funnydaffer! Over the past two years, the move to home-based learning has been challenging for both teachers and parents across the US. The rise of curriculum-based learning is upon us, and thankfully, Funnydaffer is offering a free seven-day trial of the most impactful early childhood curriculum available … Continued

The Ultimate Guide To Our Early Childhood Curriculum

At Funnydaffer, we’re serious about our curriculum, and we’ve put together a full year of themes and lesson plans for you to follow. With 10,00 lesson plans, weekly lesson grids organized by age, a resource library, and more, Funnydaffer has set the standard for online early childhood curriculums everywhere. And because we understand that sometimes … Continued

The Best Early Childhood Online Curriculum

Funnydaffer is a complete and fully customizable curriculum solution for your preschool. We understand what you need in order to keep your kids interested and your class running smoothly because Funnydaffer was developed by teachers for teachers. With a database of over 10,000 lesson plans, weekly lesson grids organized by age, supply lists, an educational … Continued

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