4 Things Included in the Preschool Lesson Plan

Early childhood education is important for building social and emotional skills, but also for cognitive development. Coming up with daily lesson plans for preschool-aged children can be difficult. You want the curriculum to be a learning experience, but also engaging. Funnydaffer provides complete, fully customizable curriculum solutions for your classroom. This is a program that was built by teachers for teachers to take the stress out of daily lesson planning. Check out these four things Funnydaffer includes with each preschool lesson plan to make your day easier!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Funnydaffer’s lesson plans offer step-by-step instructions to make it easier to teach and for kids to follow along! You can even search for specific themed lesson plans or write your lesson plans within our smart Learning Writing Wizard! Our step-by-step lessons also include pictures and templates that are printable. With over 10,000 lessons to choose from you can spend more time teaching instead of researching and breaking down lessons into smaller steps.

A Supply List

Knowing what supplies you need is critical to teaching a lesson. Have you ever been in the middle of a lesson and realized you were missing something critical like red paint? Funnydaffer makes supply shopping easy! We provide a detailed list of supplies that cover all the lessons in your supply grid. We have the list categorized into the following categories: art supplies, grocery supplies, tools, and extras to make shopping a breeze! You are also able to adjust the dates of your supply list and do a whole month or even a whole year of shopping in advance! Funnydaffer makes it easier to always be prepared.

Learning Goals

Each of our lesson plans will include learning goals for the activity. Whether you are fostering creativity or challenging children’s critical thinking skills, each of these goals will be laid out within the lesson. You can even plan lessons centered around mastering a specific skill!

Educational Standards Expectations

Funnydaffer preschool curriculum is based on the O2B Kids Curriculum (2014, 7th Edition) which has been approved by the Florida Office of Early Learning that meets the requirements of the School Readiness Program performance standards. Each of our lessons features the educational standard code that is being met. You can also filter through lesson plans using the educational standard code to search.

Whether you are looking for a complete curriculum for your classroom or just some supplemental lessons, Funnydaffer has you covered! While we provide daily, step-by-step lesson plans that are age-group specific, you can also write your lesson plans within our software. Funnydaffer owns and operates over 20 preschools across Florida and Georgia. With our online subscription, you too can bring Funnydaffer to your classroom wherever you may be!

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