4 Benefits Of Early Childhood Curriculum

Make the most of your class time with Funnydaffer!

Over the past two years, the move to home-based learning has been challenging for both teachers and parents across the US. The rise of curriculum-based learning is upon us, and thankfully, Funnydaffer is offering a free seven-day trial of the most impactful early childhood curriculum available today. Check out these four benefits of using Funnydaffer, the complete, fully-customizable curriculum solution for your home, preschool, or classroom.

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Easy Onboarding

With an ever-expanding database of over 10,000 lesson plans, editable supply lists, and a robust resource library, onboarding with Funnydaffer has never been easier. After spending a few moments navigating our software, you’ll be able to start working on your lessons plans almost immediately. We’ll supply you with creative ideas, and we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to ensure that your first class is engaging, effective, and fun.

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Family Engagement Ideas

Parent involvement plays a significant role in the early development of children, but are you finding yourself stuck on how to challenge your child intellectually? There’s no limit to what you and your child can accomplish with around-the-clock access to our resource library. You can participate in your child’s current studies or come up with your own lessons to take their learning even further. Simply search the library to find what you need and print out any corresponding documents as well!

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Say Goodbye to Expensive Book Based Curriculum

In the past, every subject came with a heavy textbook to use over the year. With Funnydaffer, our early childhood curriculum is entirely online-based. Access lesson templates, classroom tools, and school resources from your laptop or cellphone, with the ability to print them as well! That means every resource you’ll need to be an impactful teacher is with you at all times.

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Modern Curriculum for Current Times

The times are changing, and so is the face of education. Funnydaffer can help you change with it. Whether you’re a mother that’s decided on home-school or a teacher looking for a more modern way of reaching your students, our early childhood curriculum can help you. Plan your classes for the week or change them on the fly; with Funnydaffer, the power is at your fingertips.

Early childhood education is currently experiencing an evolution, and Funnydaffer can help you evolve with it. Our free seven-day trial is an excellent way to experience our software firsthand and discover how Funnydaffer’s early childhood curriculum can change the way you teach! From reviewing lesson plans to planning a weekly theme, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today!

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