As a teacher or caregiver, you are always coming up with new ways to engage your students or child. It seems like you spend most of your time planning, but less time enjoying the activities. Funnydaffer is here to help bring the joy back to teaching with our easy-to-use curriculum! Funnydaffer is a complete, fully customizable solution for your classroom. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to engage your classroom with Funnydaffer! 


Funnydaffer was created for teachers by teachers. Funnydaffer preschool curriculum is based on the O2B Kids Curriculum (2014, 7th Edition). The curriculum meets research-based and evidence-based learning practices and has been approved by the Florida Office of Early Learning that meets the requirements of the School Readiness Program performance standards.

Affordable, Cancel Anytime

Funnydaffer offers a free 7-day trial for you to check out over 10,000 lesson plans. Memberships are only $22 per month or $199 per year.

Easy Classroom Option

Funnydaffer provides step-by-step instructions, a supply list, learning goals, and a list of the educational standards being met in each lesson plan. You can sort our lesson plans by age group, theme, and even educational standards. Our smart Learning Writing Wizard is the perfect place to write your lesson plans so all your plans are in one convenient place. Whether you are looking for a complete curriculum for your classroom or just some supplemental lessons, Funnydaffer provides you with the necessary lessons for the appropriate age group.

Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Included

Early childhood education is very important. With Funnydaffer, we include our infant, toddler, and preschool lesson plans with our subscription. Our lesson grid can even help plan out a whole year’s worth of classroom learning. Each day includes the following: 

  • Five teacher-directed lessons
  • Five center-based lessons
  • A teacher tip
  • Assessment focus
  • Two lessons you can pick out yourself

With Funnydaffer, we provide the curriculum and you decide the direction!